Speed River TFC                                  11/16/2018 - 10:33 PM
                      Tenke Classic - 11/16/2018                       
Event 6  Mixed High Jump
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points
  1 Lee, Adam                  M Guelph Gryphons          1.95m        
  2 Archer, Justice            M Guelph Gryphons         J1.95m        
  3 Freeman, Wesley            M U of Waterloo            1.90m        
  4 Virk, Dilveer              M U of Waterloo            1.85m        
  5 Nightingale, David         M York Lions              J1.85m        
  6 Barclay, Matthew           M York Lions               1.70m        
  7 Alton, Arabella            W Guelph Gryphons          1.65m        
  8 Marton, Gabrielle          W Guelph Gryphons          1.60m        
  8 McCallum, Erica            W Guelph Gryphons          1.60m        
 10 Clark, Robin               W Guelph Gryphons          1.50m        
 11 Blair, Hannah              W U of Waterloo            1.45m        
 12 Roest, Emily               W First Attemp             1.40m        
 13 Dong, Jenny                W U of Waterloo            1.35m