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MEC Toronto Race 3 

Dairy Capital Run 2016 


I Rock I Run 2016 

MEC London Race THREE 2016 


Rob Plunkett Memorial Torch Run 2016 


MEC Burlington Race THREE 2016 


Marsh Mash 2016 


MEC Barrie Race 2 


Mount Forest XC 

Girls  Teams     Boys Teams 


BAA meet 2016 Results 


MEC Burlington Race 2

 Spring into Action 2016

Speed River Twilight Meet 1


MEC London Race TWO 2016 


MEC Toronto Race TWO 2016 

Live Results  List Results 


MEC Barrie Race ONE 2016 


Marden Marathon 2106

Live Results   List results 


Bay City St Pat's 5k 


MEC London Race ONE 2016 


Ontario High School Boarder X 2016

Women Run 1  Run 2

Men Run 1 Run 2

Coaches Run 1 Run 2 


Chilly Half Marathon and Frosty 5k 2016

Live Results Results in list form


MEC Burlington Race ONE 2016 


Guelph Last Chance Meet 2016 


Halton SBX 2106 


MEC Toronto Race ONE 2016


Winter Open 2015 Indoor Meet 


Don Rowing Club Winter 5k and 10k 


Santa Burlington 5k 2015

Bib Number Lookup   Live Results



RiRa's Santa 5k

Full Results Live Results 


Canadian National XC Championships


Women's Teams  Men's Teams 

Master's Teams 

Provincial Teams   Men's  Women's 


MoRun Sarnia 

$20 Fall Run #1 

Santa Montreal 

Zoltan Tenke 2015 


Santa Hamilton 2015 

Winter Running Festival 2015 

Guelph Santa Parade Run 


 CIS XC Championships 2015

Live Results

Overall  Women's Teams  Men's Teams 


Can West Results 

Overall  Women's Teams  Men's Teams 


Iggy's Run for a Lifetime 


WestMONSTER Woods 5k 


MEC London Race 5 


OUA 2015

Overall  Women's Teams  Men's Teams 



Boys Teams  Girls Teams 


MEC Toronto Race SEVEN 2015 


MEC Barrie Race FIVE 2015 


Simcoe  County XC Championships

4G  4B  5G  5B    6G  6B  7G  7B  8G  8B

 Girls Teams  Boys Teams 


Turkey Trot

5k Run 5k Walk 10k Run


MEC Burlington Race FIVE 


Guelph Thanksgiving Day Races 2015

10k  1 Mile  5k  1k  3k  3in1 


Waterloo Invitational Cross Country 2015

Live Results   Results

Girls Teams     Boys Teams 


Simcoe North XC  Girls Teams   Boys Teams


Light Up The Night For Noelle


Run for the Toad 2015

Individual results with splits

Full  Results 25k 50k Relay


PACE for the Donkeys Results 

Run for Camp Oochigeas Results: 5k 10k 

 Run for Rett 2015 

Vic Matthew's Men's Team Results 

 Vic Matthew's Women's Team Results

 Vic Matthew's Overall Results

Falling Leaves 5k 

Downtown Dash 5k and 10k 

MTA XC Meet Girls Team Results

MTA XC Meet Boys Team Results  

MTA XC Meet Overall Results 

MEC Toronto  Race SIX

MEC London Race FOUR  10k  15k 

MEC Barrie Race Four 2015 

MEC Burlington Race Four 2015 

Little Big Run

Grease Monkey Mountain Bike Challenge 

Kitchener Kids With Cancer 5k 

Flying Angels Grand Prix Championship 

Feeling Groovy 5k 

Highland Games 10k 

Tim's $20 Series #2 

Colleen Lantz Memorial Run 4 Youth 

Muskoka Rocks 5k and 10k 2015 

Flying Angels Grand Prix #4 

Downhill Dash 5k 

MEC Toronto Race FIVE 

Speed River New BalanceTwilight Meet 3 

Summer's Night 5k 

Tim's $20 Series #1 

Flying Angels International Classic 

Burlington Canada Day 5k 

MEC Barrie Race THREE 

Kid's Ability Superhero 5k 

MEC Toronto Race FOUR  

MEC Burlington Race THREE 2015

Meredith Hagen Inspiration Run 2015 

Guelph Lake 2015 Results 

Speed River Twilight Meet 2 

Sarnia Bridge Run

Muscle MLK 5k and Half Marathon 

Mt Albert Sports Day 5k 

3k Time Trial June 2nd Heat 1  Heat 2

MEC Toronto Race THREE 

Dairy Capital Run 2015 

Fit4Females 5k 

MEC London Race THREE 

I Rock and Run 

Downtown Mile 

Speed River Inferno  

Giro Villa  60k 100k 

Oasis 4k  8k 

UJA Run 

MEC Burlington Race TWO 

Rob Plunkett Memorial Torch Run 

Bluevale District Meet 2015 

Kid's Mud Run 2015 

MEC Barrie  Race TWO

Run for Mom 5k and Mile

Spring Into Action 2k/5k/10k 

Marsh Mash 2015 

MEC Burlington Race ONE 

MEC London Race TWO 

MEC Toronto Race TWO Results 

Marden Marathon

Bib Number Lookup and Live Results

MEC Barrie Race ONE

St Pat's Corktown 5k

MEC London  Race ONE 

Chilly Half Marathon and Frosty 5k

Live Results

Overall Results 

OMA Results 

U of Guelph Last Chance Meet 2015 

MEC Toronto Race ONE 2015 

New Year's Opener 2015 

Don Rowing Club Winter Run 

Santa Burlington Live Results 

Ri Ras Burlington VT Live Results  

Santa Hamilton Live Results 

Imperial Glass Grey Cup 8k 

Hanukkah Hustle 5k and 10k 

Winter Festival Results 

Zoltan Tenke Classic 2014 

Sketchers Fall Series #2 

Skechers Fall Series #1

MEC Toronto Race SIX 

WestMonster Woods 5k  



Upcoming Races

Guelph Lake 5 & 10k

June 12th, 9am, 5k and 10k races on a looped course

Run on quiet rolling roads in the conservation area. 

Online Registration 

Summer's Night 5k

July 6th 

Fergus 10k August 14th 2016

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