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Stroke and Stride #6 2018


Fergus Highland Games 2018


Run 4 Youth 2018


Muskoka Rocks 2018


Stroke and Stride #5 2018


RBC Run With Pride 2018


Moonlight 5k 2018


MEC Toronto Trail Race THREE 2018 7k

MEC Toronto Trail Race THREE 2018 12k


MEC Kitchener Race THREE 2018


Stoney Lake Sprint 2018


Speed River Twilight #3 2018


Summer's Night 5k 2018


Stroke and Stride #3 2018


Canada Day Burlington 5k 2018


Be Happy Vineyard 5k 2018


MEC Toronto Race FOUR 2018


MEC Kitchener Race TWO 2018


MEC Burlington 1k Hillclimb 2018


MEC Burlington 60 Minute Challenge 2018


Stroke and Stride #2 2018


Speed River Inferno 2018


Campus Road Mile 2018


Ultimate Canuck Combined Results 2018


Conquer The Canuck Day 2 2018


Guelph Lake 5k and 10k 2018


MEC Barrie Race THREE 2018


Conquer the Canuck Day 1


Timothy Christian 2018


Stoke and Stride #1 2018


Sarnia Bridge Run 2018


MEC Trail Race TWO 2018 7k


MEC Trail Race TWO 2018 14k


Mt Albert 5k 2018

MEC London Race 3 2018

Sulphur Springs Race 2018

Sulphur Springs Bib Lookup


CISAA Sr 2018



MEC Burlington Race TWO 2018


BAA Meet 2018


Speed River Twilight #1 2018


MEC Barrie Race TWO 2018


Gaels Relays 2018


MEC Kitchener Race ONE Kid's 1k


MEC Kitchener Race ONE 2018

MEC Kitchener Race ONE Kid's 1k


MEC Toronto Race THREE 2018


Cinqo de Mayo 5k 2018


Oro-Medonte Kids 2.5k 2018

Oro-Medonte Kids 5k 2018


Caverhill Road Races 2018


Campion Invitational 2018


New Tecumseth Memorial 2018


MEC Burlington Race ONE 2018


Campion Track and Field Championships 2018


MEC London Race TWO 2018


MEC Toronto Race TWO 2018


MEC Barrie Race ONE 2018


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Komoka Easter Dash 2018


MEC London Race ONE 2018


Hamilton St. Pats Day 5k 2018 Results


Chilly Half Marathon and Frosty 5k- Live Results

Chilly Half Marathon and Frosty 5k- Bib number lookup

Chilly Half Marathon OMA Results


Speed River Timing is hiring


U of Guelph Last Chance Meet 2018


MEC Toronto Race ONE 2018


Ray's Boathouse 5k


Canadian National XC Championships 2017-Live


Overall Results 2017


Womens Teams 2017


Mens Teams 2017


Womens Provincial Teams 2017


Mens Provincial Teams 2017


Masters Teams 2017


Masters Age Group Results 2017



Zoltan Tenke Classic 2017


Newmarket Jelly Bean 5k 2017


Great Stache Dash 2017


Mo'run Sarnia 2017


MEC Burlington Race SIX 2017


MEC Toronto Race SEVEN 2017


OCAA XC 2017

OCAA XC Women's Teams 2017

OCAA XC Men's Teams 2017


MEC Barrie 5 2017



CWOSSA XC Girls Teams 2017

CWOSSA XC Boys Teams 2017


Guelph Elementary XC 2017


TDSB City Finals XC 2017


MEC London Race FIVE 2017


Wellington North XC 2017


Simcoe County XC Championships 2017

Simcoe County XC Girls Teams 2017

Simcoe County XC Boys Teams 2017


Rotary Turkey Trot 2017

Rotary Turkey Trot 10k 2017


Art in Motion 10k


Centennial XC 2017

Centennial XC Women's Teams 2017

Centennial XC Men's Teams 2017



MEC Burlington Race FIVE 2017


Simcoe North XC 2017

Simcoe North Girls Teams

Simcoe North Boys Teams


Thanksgiving Day Races 2017

Vic's 10k

Nicolas Lambden Mile

Metalumen 5k

1k- Grades 1 to 3



TDR 3-in-1 2017


Light Up the Night for Noelle 2017


Waterloo County Invitational 2017


Waterloo County Boy's Team Results


Waterloo County Girl's Team Results


Victors 3k/5k Time Trial


Run for the Toad Results 2017

Early Start 25km

Early Start 50km

Canada vs USA



Sterling College Track Day 2017


Pace for Donkeys 2017


Dempster's Global Energy 10k 2017


MEC Burlington Race FOUR




Sara's Ride 2017

Sara's Ride 2017 Lap Results

Sara's Ride 2017 Team Results


Run 4 Rett 2017


MEC Kitchener Race 3


Fanshawe Invitational 2017


Fanshawe Invitational Women's Team Results 2017

Fanshawe Invitational Men's Team Results 2017


B&O Yorkville 5k 2017


MEC Toronto Race SIX 2017


MEC London Race FOUR 2017


MEC London Race FOUR 2017 12k Trail



Stroke and Stride #4 2017


MEC North York Race FIVE 2017


Feeling Groovy 5k and 10k 2017


Fergus Highland Games 10 and 5k Relay 2017


Fergus Highland Games Kid's 400m 2017


Run 4 Youth Colleen Lantz 2017


World Dwarf Games Track and Field 2017


Guelph Victors 3k Time Trial August 8th 2017


Muskoka Rocks 2017


Stroke and Stride #3 2017


Stoney Lake Sprint 2017


Speed River Twilight #2 2017


Summer's Night 5k 2017


Stroke and Stride #2 2017


Montpelier Mile 2017


GGS Canada Day 5k 2017


Viewpointe Winery 5k and 10k 2017


MEC Toronto Race 4 2017

MEC Burlington 1km Hill Challenge

MEC Burlington 60min Hill Challenge

Meredith Hagen Inspiration Run 2017


Big Little Run 5k 2017

Big Little Run 10k 2017

Guelph Victors 3k Time Trial June 20th 2017


Flying Angels OYAA #1 Meet 2017


Superhero 5k 2017


Speed River Inferno 2017 Results

Speed River Inferno 2017 Photographer's Results


MEC Kitchener 2017


Mercedes-Benz Summer 5k 2017


Guelph Lake 5k and 10k 2017


Conquer the Canuck 2017

8.33km 25 km 42.2 km 50 km Ultimate Canuck


MEC Barrie Race THREE 2017


Stroke and Stride #1 50m/500m

Stroke and Stride #1 100m/1k

Stroke and Stride #1 200m/2k

Stroke and Stride #1 300m/3k

Stroke and Stride #1 500m/4k

Stroke and Stride #1 750m/5k

Stroke and Stride #1 1500m/5k


Sarnia Bridge Run 2017


VRPro Muscle MLK 5k

VRPro Muscle MLK 10k


Mt Albert Sports Day 5k 2017


Cruiser Classic #2 2017


MEC Kitchener Race ONE 2017


Dairy Capital Run 2017


MEC London Race THREE 2017


Speed River Twilight ONE 2017


Rob Plunkett Memorial Torch Run 2017


Marsh Mash 2017


MEC Burlington Race TWO 2017


MEC Toronto Race THREE 2017


MEC Barrie Race TWO 2017


BAA Meet 2017


Caverhill Road Races 2017


BAA Entry Form


Gaels Relays 2017


Chatham-Kent YMCA Fun Run 2017


Campion Invitational Track and Field 2017


MEC Burlington Race ONE 2017


MEC Burlington Race ONE 2017- 1k Results


Campion Track and Field Championships 2017


MEC London Race TWO 2017

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5k Road and 6k Trail


10k Road and 12k Trail


15k Road




Komoka Easter Dash 2017


MEC Toronto Race TWO 2017 Live Results


MEC Barrie Race ONE 2017 Live Results


Bay City Music Hall St Pat's 5k

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